Carter Tracy has her Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

She holds a certificate in Women in Theology and Ministry and has completed trainings in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, Motivational Interviewing, and Compassionate Communication. Carter received the Zen Buddhist Jukai ordination from Roshi Joan Halifax at Upaya Zen Center and is a 2nd Degree Reiki practitioner. Carter lives in a quaint urban permaculture homestead in Providence, Rhode Island.

Welcome. I work with a spiritual orientation and a belief that each human being is intrinsically whole. Your soul came into this world with purpose, and when you see this purpose clearly, you have the greatest opportunity for success. I practice as a Counseling Astrologer. I analyze how the planetary archetypes are coming into play for you, with the goal of precise self-awareness and understanding. I believe that knowing who you are as the stars describe you will help you have more clarity and confidence in all your choices. I particularly work with the North and South Node - the axis of destiny. I feel this sector of an astrology chart has the most to say about opportunity and fulfillment.

Clients work with me for 1-3 sessions to understand components of their personality - strengths, needs, challenges, opportunities, pain, family history, fulfilling desires. Then with new found self-understanding, clients may choose to continue therapy with clear self-direction.

When I discovered astrology, I found remarkable insight into issues I had struggled with for years in my own therapy journey. I was able to start making empowered choices, leaving depression and confusion behind. The experience inspired me to learn everything I could about astrology, so I could offer its healing self-awareness to others.