Why Astrology?

Constellation Scorpio

Constellation Scorpio


I used to be casually interested in Astrology. I’d read weekly horoscopes in the newspaper and ponder if they applied to me. I’d stand in the “New Age” aisles at the Borders Books and thumb through pages on Sun Signs, curious but not convinced.

One day it was late Spring of my first year in graduate school. I was in a rough spot - trying to clear my head for upcoming finals, I’d recently broken up with a person I loved and my heart was heavy. The annual Spring Fest was happening in my neighborhood. A local Counseling Astrologer had a booth at the festival and on a whim, I paid for a short reading, hoping for some insight, or at least, some inspiration and amusement.

Much to my surprise, that astrologer was able to pinpoint issues I’d been struggling with for many years - needs and longings unfulfilled, false hopes, uncomfortable feelings. In that short session, I felt truly seen, truly understood for the first time, despite many years of seeing a therapist.

Inspired, I began my own journey of learning to decipher the language of the planets and the stars.

Astrology is a language of archetypes. These are patterns of energy that play out in our lives as repeating or ongoing circumstances. Each of the planets and planetary bodies is a signature on a precise type of situation at play in our lives. Maybe we find ourselves in the same kind of dysfunctional relationship, or dead-end job, or maybe we have a nagging sense of purpose that we still feel unclear about. Maybe the answer lies in having a clearer perspective on our emotional needs so we can set about meeting them. A skilled astrologer can discern a great amount of detail from the symbols in your astrology birth chart and describe exactly how different energies unfold in your life, giving you guidance and direction to move forward.

Since that fateful moment on my path, I have been reading astrology charts for over 15 years. For anyone who is seeking to grow in their lives towards greater passion, fulfillment and connection, for anyone who feels stuck, confused or at a crossroads, I strongly recommend an astrology reading. It offers you the greatest amount of accurate insight in the shortest amount of time. It is a perfect companion to psychotherapy or any healing path.

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