Venus Astrology

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In Astrology, the planet Venus symbolizes what we value and the qualities we possess that we hope others will value in us. For mutual value is what creates lasting love, and as we know, Venus is the Goddess of Love .

Venus rules the sign of Taurus, an Earth sign and also the sign of Libra, an Air sign. In Astrology, the element of Earth symbolizes the physical world - the world of the five senses - and planets in Earth sign have an affinity towards concrete, real-world results of their efforts.

The element of Air relates to the intellect and a desire to be social. Planets in Air signs love concepts and ideas and often possess an idealistic outlook. Communication is the basis of relationship.

The Taurus Venus wants to experience physical enjoyment - passionate sex, delicious food, the beauty of nature, personal belongings that heighten the senses such as stunning works of art.

The Libra Venus loves connecting to other people and forging new connections between people. This Venus appreciates social ideals and wants the world to be fair and inclusive of everyone. Often a statesmen, the Libra Venus has a vision of society at its best and strives to emulate those best practices.

Now when we read astrology charts, Planet Venus may fall in any one of the twelve zodiac signs. In each sign, Venus values and emulates the qualities of that sign. For example, a Pisces Venus values spirituality and compassion, reflecting an abiding love into the World, while an Aries Venus is fiercely independent and longs to be admired for her sense of daring and adventure. A Scorpio Venus craves intensity and passion while an Aquarius Venus loves being laid back amidst her tribe of friends.

A note on gender: Many people still hold a “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” perspective. In reality we each have both Mars and Venus in our Astrology charts, we are each a part masculine and a part feminine, whether we are biologically male or female. In society today we see gender taking on a much greater variety of expression. I believe this is because we are much more adept at recognizing all of our parts, so women are better at actualizing their assertive Mars energy and Men are more comfortable with Venus. In some people this heightened integration of our masculine & feminine parts results in new expressions of gender.

Carter Tracy