Moon Astrology


There are sides to you that only the people who are closest to you know, like who you are when you are just waking up, who you are when you are writing a letter to your lover or giving your baby a bath. This is the person you are in the intimate and deeply personal moments of your life. It is the you your friends know and your family and your lover. It is the soulful you, the emotional you and the you who has yearnings and needs. This is the you that the Moon represents.

The luminous Moon, Mother of the Night, waxes and wanes through through the twelve signs of the zodiac each month. This flowing rhythm represents how our feelings ebb and flow in our day to day lives. Sometimes our feelings are bold and electric like the Full Moon. Other times we feel quiet and subdued as the New Moon. Sometimes we are frenetic like a waxing Half-Moon and sometimes we are calm and cool like the waning Balsamic Moon.

The Moon in our birth chart shows us what we need for emotional satisfaction and a sense of security. It reveals how we need to nourish emotionally those we care the most about and also how we wish to receive emotional nourishment from those most dear.

One of the trickiest lessons in life is mastering the awareness that it is up to us ultimately to meet our own needs, whether that is empowering our independent spirit or communicating effectively so others can understand where we are coming from.

Knowledge of our Moon sign in Astrology is greatly helpful in understanding our sources of fulfillment, for only when fulfilled, can we truly blossom.

Carter Tracy1 Comment