Sun Astrology


The Sun is the Self

You’ve seen her - that radiant individual who glows with vibrant energy. She is clear about the path she walks. People flock to her, eager to receive her wisdom and her attention. This is the person fully aligned with their Sun sign!

The Sun in the sky is a light source and a source of heat and life-giving radiance. Everything on Earth benefits from the Sun’s energy and all the planets revolve around her. What a perfect mirror the Sun is for the path of self-realization that Inspires us to learn about and cultivate ourselves through astrology, mindfulness, prayer, psychotherapy and more.

We are all familiar, at least superfluously, with sun-sign astrology. You know whether you are an Aquarius or a Leo or a Taurus. But what does that really mean?

The Sun in astrology represents your potential for personal fulfillment and life-giving radiance - qualities you achieve easily when you are fulfilling your purpose. In Joseph Campbell’s metaphor of the “hero’s journey” your sun sign is your “hero-self”. It represents both who you are and who you are striving to grow into, as we are ever evolving into our true self.

The sun represents your natural strengths. It represents your creative impulse as well as your gracious generosity. It is where you truly shine and feel good giving to others. As we grow in confidence with our sun sign energy, we naturally attract others who orbit their lives around ours, just like the planets orbit the sun.

When you are living out the qualities of your sun sign, you are naturally confident and success comes easily.

Sun in Aries - Like the spark of life that inspires seeds to sprout into plants, your energy is stimulating and exciting to be around. You are a pioneer and an adventurer. You enjoy taking risks.

Sun in Taurus - You are steadfast and solid with strong values and a sense of what others will enjoy. You are sensual, delighting in all of life’s physical and material pleasures. You create stability and opportunity others can enjoy.

Sun in Gemini - You are a connector. You love your friends and are naturally social and witty. Communication is important to you and you can be a wordsmith. You approach life with curiosity.

Sun in Cancer - You have artistic gifts that come from your soul. You are deeply involved in the lives of your loved ones, whether they be lovers and family or close friends. You mask a deep wellspring of feeling with your “game-face”.

Sun in Leo - You are warm and generous and you love to be admired. Creativity is important to you and you are fun-loving. You are deeply loyal to those who love you. You are happiest when life feels like play.

Sun in Virgo - You are demure. For you, the work you do day to day becomes a practice of cultivating grace and refinement. You like to be of service and can be self-sacrificing to a cause you believe in. You appreciate it when others find you useful.

Sun in Libra - You are an idealist, seeing the potential for harmony and beauty everywhere. Your keen sense of judgement discerns obstacles to your ideals. Relationships play a huge role on your life. Like a true statesman, you are willing to listen to everyone’s point-of-view.

Sun in Scorpio - You appreciate honesty and you like it when relationships feel intense. People are drawn to you because you naturally sense the secrets others do not reveal. You are drawn to the mysterious sides of life.

Sun in Sagittarius - You are full of wisdom and love sharing it. You see life as a journey. Your cultural tastes are always cutting-edge, finding the most exciting avenues to explore. You believe that good prevails over evil.

Sun in Capricorn - You are practical and strategic. You may have come from humble beginnings and thought of yourself as nothing special, but you work hard to achieve the best from life. You experience pride in accomplishment and others see you as strong.

Sun in Aquarius - You are intellectually astute and your broad mind considers even the meekest members of society. Your goals are for the good of all people because you believe in a better world. You are untroubled by the strange and eccentric.

Sun in Pisces - You are compassionate and self-sacrificing. You are a natural mystic, and often a dreamer. You have a deep experience of empathy and therefore you are intuitive about what other people are feeling.

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