Astrology and Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

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Internal Family Systems Therapy follows the theory that we are all made up of many, many parts of our personality. Some of these parts are wonderful and allow us to be successful and charming in the world. Other parts may be treacherous and feel self-betraying, for example, parts that are the product of trauma or abuse. IFS Therapy is a process of learning to recognize and getting to know these parts, so they can be integrated and well managed.

Astrology is a language of the symbols that tell the story of some of our parts. Each of the planets in astrology and the many asteroids signify a personality part. The house and sign those planets fall in gives the part flavor and context. Because there is so much variety in every astrology chart, sometimes part of who we are don’t go together particularly smoothly. For Example, a person might be assertive (Mars) in pursuing travel and higher education (9th House) while at the same time being a deeply emotional homebody (Moon in Cancer in the 4th House). Those two parts may not go together so easily, challenging that individual to respond to conflicting needs. Our work becomes giving time and space to each one without judging the other. Maybe also we have Pluto in the 12th House and we feel betrayed by God because of something awful that happened. Again - a part that has a story to tell that may challenge our other parts.

Most people struggle a part of their personality called “the inner critic”. This is that voice in our head that always has something negative to say about what we’re up to. It tells us we are not attractive enough or making enough money or doing a good enough job on any one of our projects or endeavors. This inner critic can be a true source of psychic pain and sorrow. In our astrology chart, Saturn has a lot to say about what our inner critic might be concerned with, how it communicates with us and what we can do to work with it effectively.

In IFS Therapy a client may discover many, many different parts and not all of them are represented directly by the astrological archetypes. Yet some of those parts can be clearly identified in the astrological chart, making an astrology chart reading an excellent tool for orienting both therapist and client to the therapeutic process.

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