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Astrology is the language of your soul calling you to step into your authentic power and wisdom.

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Client Testimonials

Carter masterful! She is so clear in reading charts, she’s definitely a natural. She’s also incredibly intuitive. It can be overwhelming at first to see your birth chart, but she makes it digestible. Carter also provides a lot of good insight about astrology in general during readings, so when I’m done I feel like I know so much more about the houses, planets, etc. and what they mean so I can continue researching it on my own. Love you Carter! Let’s schedule a transit read soon!!!
-Madrone P.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Carter provided me with an incredibly thorough reading, more so than I have ever experienced. She clearly knows her stuff! She provided me with great detail and was happy to answer questions and explain the placements in great depth. There are so many things about my life that just make more sense now. I think of her work often as I work to move toward living life as my highest self.
-Jenn H.

Wow! My reading with Carter hit on every theme that has been coming up for me, like she had a key to my subconscious. She was able to pinpoint both my most prominent personal strengths and the energies that have been holding me back from progress. Often I lack the confidence to believe what I see, and Carter was able to not only validate my instincts, but explain exactly where those energies were coming from, and why they are uniquely mine. She can simply look at where the stars are, and look at your birth chart, and tell you not only who you are but who you are becoming. Her advice on how to expedite that journey was a great comfort, giving me solid steps to take to amp up my game. I came out feeling really glad to be me, and that everything was going to work out just fine. Now I know that I can and will make it to my personal vision of my best life. And I have a much clearer idea of how to get there. It is already happening, I was able to create change in my situation today. It was like she tapped into that secret voice in my head that carries the dream of who I am and what I came here to do, and she was able to give me the permission I needed to believe that voice.
-Dauna N.
Visual Artist

I have an admiration for astrology and a pretty basic understanding of how we connect with the planets, following my daily horoscope was the best I could do. However, I wanted more information about my professional life and help with increasing focus on my spiritual beliefs. Carter was highly referred to me, and shortly after meeting her, I understood why.
Carter helped me get a greater understanding of my spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Carter also helped me align an understanding of how my spiritual beliefs and profession meet; giving me tools to help strengthen my skills in both areas.
As a result of my session, I have a greater awareness of what is important to me. I am also finding opportunities in areas, I did not consider. I feel a greater sense of connection and grounding. Carter not only brings to the table a great sense of knowledge and understanding about astrology and how it affects our lives, she delivers her understanding with intention and compassion.
Thank you for the work that you do.

-Sonia G.

Carter was the first astrologer to bring me really deep into my chart. She encouraged my journey to explore astrology, the moon cycles and how it has affected me but also everyone around me and the energy of everything. She empowered me to explore and seek the answers. Working with her was like discovering the road map to my life, I was blown away by what came up. Somethings that were awesome and some were painful truths that I’m still reconciling today. When I returned for another session - we’d both moved from Atlanta to Providence - and she read my chart again. Much of what she said still resonated from our first reading. Some of my concerns from that first exploration she was able to give me a better perspective and encouragement that we can work through these bumps and sometimes mountains in our path. As we continued our work together in Providence that encouragement to explore and dig deeper into the connections of the houses and planets. You are a guide and a teacher. I am very grateful to have you as a teacher and a friend.
-Erin T.
Archeologist/Social Entrepreneur

Carter used her extensive knowledge and wisdom combined with her own life experiences to give me a soulful astrology chart analysis that truly helped me understand what I needed to move forward.
-Lindsay C.
Dental Specialist

Since the reading you did for me so much has flown open! So many new paradigms have shifted and it’s all happened at warp speed. I can’t thank you enough for helping me finally see how to stop warring with myself within and how to get right with myself and the world around me.
-Lauren S.
Educator/Writing Coach

Carter is hands down the best astrologer I’ve ever gone to. She is outrageously knowledgeable in her field. I felt immediately like I was in the right place. She has taken her time in her program to go over my chart in such length and detail, that I could have it committed to memory!
Our Astro charts are so fascinating, and she is so great at guiding you where you may have weaknesses and what to look out for.
Working with Carter was a pleasure! She is worth every penny, and I can not recommend her enough! Her patience, and willingness to continue teaching me about my chart, and how I should move through life was invaluable!
-Donna H.
Specialized Life Coach

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