I offer Astrology Chart Readings, Relationship Readings, and Astro-Cartography readings.

Astrology Chart Reading: Your astrology chart is a map of the sky you were born. The Sun, the Moon, the planets and several significantly-sized asteroid all move across an area of the Milky Way called the Ecliptic or Zodiac Belt, with the constellations of the twelve signs of the Zodiac as their backdrop. This map tells an archetypal story of your fundamental elemental drives, needs, strengths, opportunities and purpose. In this session, you receive a copy of your chart and a thorough interpretation of its meaning and how to apply it.

Relationship Reading: In this reading we look at the charts of yourself and a loved one and discuss the archetypal dynamics presenting in the relationship and how to work with them.

Astro-Cartography: Using special mapping software, this reading explores where in the world your energy is greatly enhanced, based on your personal astrology chart and global lay-lines.

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for select clients

 I am honored to be offering an exclusive 9-Week Astrology Based Coaching Program called Success is in the Stars for clients who want to Sky Rocket to Success! This is an opportunity to go much deeper into your personal astrology chart than any individual reading can offer, with the goal of you gaining confidence, taking control of your health, pioneering in your career and finding love. Schedule a free Strategy Session with me on the calendar below so we can see if its right for you.

Here are the 9 Weeks laid out:

1.It’s All About You!  We start off with an astrology chart reading.  This gives you an overview of your life path, which we use to develop your potential over the 9 weeks.

2 You & Yours: Our second reading includes the chart of a loved one of your choice, looking at the dynamics of the relationship.

Each section of your astrology chart tells the story of a particular area of your life.  For the next 6 weeks, we go through each of your 12 houses, working on your strategies to maximize opportunity.

3.Perspective & Gratitude (Astrology Houses 1 & 2) The first house in astrology indicates the perspective you bring to the world.  The second house is about worth - both internal self-worth and material worth.

4.Mindful & Heart-centered (Astrology Houses 3 & 4) The third house in astrology is about thinking and communication.  The fourth house is about the roots of our feelings and of our family.

5.The Playful Priestess/Priest (Astrology House 5 & 6) The fifth house is about creativity and playfulness.  The sixth house is about the work we do to serve others.

6.Mirror Magic (Astrology Houses 7 & 8) The seventh and eighth house are both about relationships.  The seventh house is about partnerships of all sorts - romantic, professional, friends.  The eighth house is about intimate and transformative relationships.

7.Meaning & Purpose (Astrology Houses 9 & 10)  The ninth house is about the ways we make meaning from events in our life.  The tenth house is about our professional purpose.

8.Manifesting Synchronicity (Astrology Houses 11 & 12) The eleventh house relates to our genius and our power to manifest.  The twelfth house is about learning the language the Universe tries to speak to us.

9.Celebrating Success! In our final session, we will create a blue print for moving forward so that your confidence and clarity stays sky high.